Here… This is the spot.

Here… This is the spot. #HoneyBadger


Could the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Fly? - Wired Science

The last image in this post was hilarious…


Santiago Calatrava Collects Critics as Well as Fans



Upright and smiling

I survived.

It seems I forgot just how unyielding the stress of an engineering course can be, let alone a whole school year’s worth. I won’t miss this when I’m done, but I’m glad to be here. Since I love it so much, I’ve also decided to do summer classes. While a break would be nice, so is getting some of the next year’s courses out of the way, ahead of time.

Peering into the future, I wonder if a thesis proposal on bell curve adjustment would be approved? It may end up being the most esoteric form of mathematics I’ll ever encounter.


How to create an F1 Prodigy?

I’m not sure how young too young is, but Ferrari signed an 11 year old kid to a development contract. Talk about a long term bet. Even if you aren’t a fan of F1 (or motor racing in general), this article is a great read.


Link Bomb.

-Do you like the muppets? Personally, I like calling people muppets, but either way, they’re back in theatres this weekend and with a 97% fresh rating and average of 8.1/10, I may have to have to revisit the scene of my childhood.

-While I was into my double-digits at the start of the Liberal reign, I may not have had Paul Martin on my mind at that age, so it was nice to get a reminder of the goings-on, with the benefit of hindsight:

-Ever heard of Lieutenant John Pike? Check this link out and see him casually pepper spray everything.

-Is Android my favourite? Nope, but I’m loving this commercial from Samsung. It’s set to start airing this weekend:


The Great Tech War of 2012

Amazon, Apple, Facebook & Google. This article breaks it all down and makes an interesting attempt to show you what’s about to happen in 2012. A great read for anyone interested in technology.


Master of my own domain - sort of

Technology has changed our lives and I’m still not quite over it. A perfect example would be today, while I was in line to collect my passport. I was watching a television show on my phone, when it rang. Dearest mother was calling from Jamaica, to say hello. As a perpetually broke student, I immediately pitched her on an incredible investment opportunity and let her know that it was a limited time (until my credit disintegrated) offer. As always, she jumped at the chance to invest in her biological money pit and said she would send a little something along. I was able to log in to her account on my phone’s internet browser, while she was still talking to me and e-mail myself the funds.

Realistically, just a few years ago, that scenario would have seemed like science fiction, but today it’s completely normal. Well, everything except the part where a 32 year old grown man harasses his retired mother for money. Importantly though, it’s the relative ease with which I was able to harangue the poor woman, that’s notable here.

Everything took place so quickly, that five minutes later I’m still in the line to collect my passport and now pecking out this blog post. Technology - enabler of boredom-related drivel publishing and facilitator of money transfers to career students. Isn’t it wonderful?


A small update

My blog of boredom clearly hasn’t been updated in some time. That may be apparent to any of my formerly regular visitors.

That pseudo-Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times…” was definitely hovering around for a brief moment, but I’ve landed on my feet and it’s time to get working on the new normal.

What is the new normal? Well, it’s living in the city, for starters.

I’ve had to stop my ‘beloved’ P90X, due to a 3 week-long illness. It could be worse - I can always restart the routine and once the living situation has some permanence, I will. Right now, I’m just planning on keeping active-ish and enjoying the summer.

I’ve added a grey hair (that’s five now), but for all that’s happened in the last 90 days, I’d say I got the better end of the deal by far.

I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend. If you happen to take some pictures, this holiday weekend, then this link may interest you.